School’s Motto
Aekthaweewit School With academic excellence Emphasizing the use of language for communication based on good morals and virtue

School’s Values
Academic, good discipline, pursuing morals, advanced 3 languages, developed into ASEAN

Good academic means
Characteristics of students who are knowledgeable, capable, attentive in education Want to know, learn
Knowing, researching, continuously seeking knowledge in various forms and loving reading
Discipline means
Student characteristics that can be enforced Control their emotions or behavior according to regulations
Rules, regulations, rules, agreements of the class or school.

The pursuit of virtue means
Characteristics of students who are good behaves, have morality, ethics, pursue and behave in good things for themselves and others. Being a good member of the society, being generous and have a public mind.

Moving beyond 3 languages into ASEAN means
Students have experience in Thai. Foreign language Is English, Chinese and can use the language for communication in daily life