1. Students have discipline, responsibility, complete qualifications ,desirable qualifications and able to live happily in society
2. Students are fully developed and have academic knowledge that is fundamental to further education and appropriately used in life
3. Students are curious, creative, analytical, synthetic.
4. Students have knowledge, skills and know how to use technology appropriately.
5. Students can use English for communication.
6. Students know how to maintain hygiene, have a bright, cheerful mind, and control emotions. And avoiding drugs
7. Students are proud of being Thai and value Thai culture.
8. Students realize and participate in the conservation of natural resources and the environment
9. Personnel develop themselves appropriately in all areas.
10. Parents and communities have appropriate participation Satisfied with the school operations.
11. The school is a learning source Various wisdom and have a clean, shady, beautiful, orderly environment
12. The school has an efficient management system which is conducive to the development of educational quality in accordance with the school’s educational quality development plan.