The history of AkeThaweewit  School :
Aekthaweewit School Was established in 2003
by beginning the construction of the administrative building, school building and multi-purpose building
Aekthaweewit School has organized learning activities in the academic year 2004.
by the school's founder and the licensee are Dr. Patcharee Neranartkomol
and faculty specializing in higher education teaching both in the country and abroad

The Emblem of Aekthaweewit School

The Emblem of  Aekthaweewit School  is an image of an olive branch surrounded an inscription Shield  with the letters GR
Ribbon tied with an olive branch here is the word Chiang Rai which is the name of the province where the school is located

The meaning of the Emblem / badge is that humans begin learning from an early age.
Is a shield to protect the subject When knowing both morality and ethics and leading various subjects to bring
Family well-being and the peace of humanity from Chiang Rai to the world

color of school :
Green red purple